Monday, February 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Wow! I am new at this stuff, but it sound's fun! My wonderful friend and 2nd upline LeAnne tagged me. She has a fantastic blog called Wee Inklings. Check it out! I am supposed to use the letters in my middle name(or if you don't have one, use your maiden name) to tell something about my self. You are also supposed to tag another blogger for each letter. I'm don't really know too many bloggers yet, but I'll try. Here goes:

E-Empathetic: I try and put myself in other people's shoes so I can try and understand what they are going through. I would want them to do the same for me:)

L-Loving- I love everyone in my life and I am working on being more loving to those with "extra grace required." Does anyone know where I can buy some patience?

A-Artistic- I have been some type of artist most of my life: oil painting, drawing, and now paper crafting(which is definitly my favorite)

I-Intent on keeping my blog new and fresh

N-Neurotic-Isn't everyone???Just a little... I hope I'm not the only one....What if I am? Just kidding:)

E-Emotional- I cry at commercials, while reading books, every single Sunday at church, and practically everytime my Little One does something sweet

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